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BP155: Use Resharper

Resharper is always one step ahead of the other tools for the static code analysis.

While Visual Studio gives you many hints on how to improve your code, Resharper still gives you more.

Resharper does the following for you:

  • It teaches you about new optimization trends and best practices
  • It shows you and your fellow developers the potential issues
  • It allows you to fix the issues
  • It underlines what might be wrong
  • It grays out unused and redundant code
  • It improves navigation experience and allows you to analyze the code better
  • It shows you disassembly on one click

Reasons why some people don't use Resharper.

Some say that Resharper is slow and that impacts their productivity.

While it is true that Resharper can be slowing down the Visual Studio a bit, it is possible to configure it so that it is not that resource intensive.

Don't forget that Resharper will save you and your team hundreds of hours in the long run.

Some say that they can do all the Resharper has to offer using free extensions or Visual Studio features.

While we heard this many times, when we started to coach developers who were saying this, after a training they were very often like: "Wow, I didn't know this is possible." or "Whow, I didn't know this can be that simple."

Some say that Resharper isn't giving them any advantage.

Those who say it usually don't know how to use it to leverage the offered features to the maximum.

How about you? What is your opinion on Resharper?
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