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Sass for beginners

Sass for beginners

Knowing Sass and styling your web application with Sass will make you way more productive.

Before you start...

Understanding how our tests work will help you to learn faster.

  • No options to choose from - our tests are like simulated job interviews. You get asked a question and you are free to answer whatever you like. There won't be any options to choose from. This way you are forced to understand the topic well instead of memorizing predefined options.
  • Answer - by clicking the Answer button, the correct answer to the question will be shown. You can use it to verify your answer and to learn if you don't know the right answer.
  • Mastery level - if you are signed-in as a registered user, by clicking this button you can set how well you know the answer for a question. This way the system will remember what you know and where you have gaps and you can later practice only the questions that you don't know well.
  • Note - if you are signed-in as a registered user, by clicking this button you can write a private note to the question. The note will be stored and you can display it later. Use it for writing down your thoughts or questions or things you don't understand or need to research.
  • Next/Previous - by clicking the Next/Previous button, you can navigate back and forth. If you don't know how to answer some question, just skip it. You can always get back to it later. Feel free to use notes. They will help you to learn.
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