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HTML for beginnersHTML for beginners

Basic knowledge that every web developer should know.

CSS for beginnersCSS for beginners

Basic CSS knowledge every web developer should know.

Git for beginnersGit for beginners

Start using Git and collaborate with people in the team using basic Git workflow.

Angular for beginnersAngular for beginners

Angular is one of the best modern front-end frameworks. Learn it and build interactive web applications quickly.

.NET challenge.NET challenge

Challenging questions ideal for senior .NET/C# candidates.

.NET developer - API.NET developer - API

A general job interview for .NET developer who should work on API implementation

.NET developer ASP.NET MVC 1.NET developer ASP.NET MVC 1

Test for ASP.NET developer - Variant 1 - test

.NET/C# Phone Screening 1.NET/C# Phone Screening 1

This test is used for phone screening of .NET/C# developers.

Adobe XD for BeginnersAdobe XD for Beginners

Creating UI/UX designs with Adobe XD is not difficult at all. Master it and unlock your creative potential.

Angular CLI for beginnersAngular CLI for beginners

Mastering Angular CLI will help you to be more productive when you are developing Angular applications.

Artificial intelligence (AI) for beginnersArtificial intelligence (AI) for beginners

This test is designed for beginners looking to learn the basics of artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an overview of fundamental concepts and techniques used in the field to help you develop a foundational understanding of AI.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator PreparationAZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Preparation

Learn how to manage Azure Cloud and how to get more efficient using it.

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals PreparationAZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Preparation

Use this materials to prepare for Microsoft AZ-900 certification.

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Preparation - QuizAZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Preparation - Quiz

Use these preparation materials to get ready for Microsoft AZ-900 certification.

Azure DevOps for TestersAzure DevOps for Testers

Basic knowledge that every tester who is using Microsoft platform should know.

Bootstrap for beginnersBootstrap for beginners

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. Don't miss it.

C# for beginnersC# for beginners

This test will help you to learn basics of C# language.

Chrome DevTools for beginnersChrome DevTools for beginners

Learn how to analyze and troubleshoot web applications directly from browser.

Entity Framework CoreEntity Framework Core

Mastering Entity Framework Core will help you to speed up your development.

Fiddler for beginnersFiddler for beginners

Having Fiddler in your toolbox will help you to understand HTTP protocol and efficiently troubleshoot web application issues.


Knowing how to make a proper layout is the core skill for every web developer.

Flexbox quizFlexbox quiz

How well do you know Flexbox?

HTML quiz for beginnersHTML quiz for beginners

Check how well you know basics of HTML.

HTTP protocol for beginnersHTTP protocol for beginners

Basic knowledge that everyone who is building web applications should know

Machine learning for beginnersMachine learning for beginners

Learn about the basics of machine learning (ML). This test covers essential concepts such as supervised and unsupervised learning, model evaluation, and feature selection. Verify your understanding of foundation in the field of ML and be better equipped to build predictive models for a variety of real-world problems.

Markdown for beginnersMarkdown for beginners

Markdown is great formatting syntax and many Wikis and documentation tools are using it, so that it's definitely worth learning.

MS SQL Server for TestersMS SQL Server for Testers

Basic knowledge that every tester who is using MS SQL server should know.

npm for advanced usersnpm for advanced users

This test will help you to learn more advanced npm concepts.

npm for beginnersnpm for beginners

Do you manage your project dependencies efficiently and do you know how to use npm properly?

Open Graph ProtocolOpen Graph Protocol

Sharing of on-line content you create is very important. Open Graph Protocol helps to make the content readable for social networks.

Postman for beginnersPostman for beginners

Having Postman in your toolbox will help you to understand HTTP protocol and efficiently troubleshoot web application issues.

Processes and SDLC for TestersProcesses and SDLC for Testers

Basic knowledge that every tester who is testing software applications should know

Sass for beginnersSass for beginners

Knowing Sass and styling your web application with Sass will make you way more productive.

Selenium trainingSelenium training

Set of questions for training QA/automation test engineers

Software QA/Tester 1Software QA/Tester 1

Job interview questions ideal for recruiting Software QA candidates.

TypeScript for beginnersTypeScript for beginners

Every front-end developer should know TypeScript. It is designed for development of large and maintainable applications

TypeScript quiz for beginnersTypeScript quiz for beginners

How well do you know TypeScript? Test your skills and learn new tricks.

UI/UX for beginnersUI/UX for beginners

Basic knowledge that people who are building software applications should know.

Web application analysis for TestersWeb application analysis for Testers

Basic knowledge that every tester who is testing web applications should know

File System and Command Line for beginnersFile System and Command Line for beginners

Knowing the basics of the file system and the command line is very important skill that will help you to work more efficiently every single day.