What does the Git clone command do?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: Git Source control


The git clone command is used for creating a local repository from another repository.

It can be executed like this:

git clone <URL> <Folder>

  • The URL can be either physical path to anoher local repository (folder), or HTTP, HTTPS or SSH URL to the remote reposiory.
  • If you don't provide the <Folder> parameter, the repository will be created in a newly created folder that will be automatically derived from the <URL>
  • If you want to clone the repository directly to the current folder (use git clone <URL> .), the current folder must be empty

When the git clone is executed, it does the following steps for you:

  • New empty folder is created in your current folder
  • New empty .git folder is created in a newly created folder (this .git folder will contain all data of the target repository after the next step is completed)
  • Data from the target repository .git folder is copied to your newly created .git folder
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